Chapter Patriots

Agnes Hill Chapter, NSDAR, members are descended from Patriots who fought for or aided in the cause for American independence in a variety of locations and various ways. The Patriots from which our members descend are listed below in alphabetical order with their NSDAR ancestor number. You can click on the ancestor number to be taken to the Patriot’s profile page on the NSDAR website.

A011792 — William Bohanon, Virginia

A038434 — William Fancher, Virginia

A006984 — Gideon Hollister, Connecticut

A060430 — Ziba Hunt, Connecticut

A076636 — James McElroy, South Carolina

A129765 — Lawrence Miller, Virginia

A082570 — Jethro New, Delaware

A101833 — Thomas Scott, Connecticut

A107633 — Joshua Sprague, Massachusetts

A091908 — John William Provance, Virginia

A204486 — Robert Williams, North Carolina